Dear valued clients,

We feel it’s important to bring your attention to an incident in Victoria whereby a plant toxin known as indospicine has been detected in raw pet meat.

The toxin naturally occurs in native plants of the Indigofera species and can build up in the meat of livestock that eat the plant prior to butchering. The source of the contaminated meat is from the Gippsland area, however the meat was distributed throughout Victoria between May 31 and July 3. Dogs are particularly susceptible to this toxin as a result of inadvertent ingestion, and it has caused hospitalisation and even death in some instances.

In Australia, pet meat suppliers are not under legal obligation to disclose or label meat sources for animal consumption and there are no mandatory recalls on contaminated pet food products. We are concerned about the potential for clients to have contaminated meat in their possession (i.e their freezer) and unwittingly putting their pets at risk.

Our advice to Victorian pet owners who have purchased raw meat products between May 31 and July 3 is to dispose of this to avoid any risk.

Symptoms to look out for include lethargy, dogs being incredibly thirsty, vomiting, and in extreme cases- seizing.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet, please contact our team.