Is your pet a golden oldie?

If your furry friend is seven years or older, then they are classified as a ‘senior’ pet, or as we like to say a ‘golden oldie’!

Just like us, as animals’ age their body changes- and so do their petcare needs. As pet parents it’s important to be aware of each phase in our pet’s life, and what they need in order to stay happy and healthy. After all, it makes sense that the needs of a puppy will be different to that of an older, more distinguished, family member!

We are here for you and your pet. If you have any questions or queries about how to look after an aging pet please do not hesitate to contact us! Below we have also detailed some key information when it comes to keeping your older pet as comfortable as possible when it comes to their mobility.

Mobility tends to become an issue for senior pets, they may lack the movement and energy they once had. This is a natural part of aging, however there are some health conditions that can directly affect a pet’s mobility. The good news is they are treatable, and taking the time to address them will have such a positive affect on a senior pet’s quality of life and even life expectancy!


Arthritis is a common condition seen in senior pets, the result of increased joint inflammation. It can be very painful if left untreated, hinder a pet’s mobility and become detrimental to their overall wellbeing and happiness. Some signs of arthritis to look out for include:

-Difficulty getting up after resting

-Decrease in activity level

-Reluctance to jump up or down (such as into or out of the car)


Carrying excess weight is furthermore detrimental to pet’s mobility, as it puts additional strain on already sensitive joints. Did you know that every extra kilo an animal carries in weight is equivalent to 5kgs of weight on each joint?!

If you think that your pet may be suffering from the above conditions, or you feel they need a health assessment as they head into their senior years, please contact us. We will perform a senior health check- focussing on all the key areas including teeth, eyes, weight, mobility and more. We will also create a tailor-made mobility management plan, to keep them feeling comfortable and staying active.

Mobility plans can include:

Regular check-ups

Regular checks-ups are vital for senior pets in order to monitor their changing health requirements.

Special Diet and Supplements

The introduction of a specially formulated mobility diet is key to increasing pet mobility. Royal Canin mobility food has been designed for senior pets and contains ingredients such as turmeric extract, and collagen, which have been scientifically proven to significantly improve pet mobility. This food is perfect for pets with arthritis or general joint stiffness and pain. Additionally, supplements are available that can provide joint support and increase mobility in our older patients.

Exercise plan to help with weight and joint function

We can help equip you with techniques to ensure your pet stays active and maintains a healthy weight to ensure optimal joint function.

Alternative therapies

Additional therapies we can recommend or offer, if relevant to your pet’s health, include anti-inflammatory medication and Cartrophen injections to treat arthritis.