When was the last time you checked your pet’s pearly whites?

Just like for humans, maintaining proper dental health is vital to the overall health and wellbeing of our furry friends too.

Poor dental health in pets is a serious issue for pet owners, as over time it can lead to dental disease. Plaque containing bacteria can build slowly, and if not removed it can harden into tartar, and cause infected gums. Dental disease not only implicates a pet’s oral health, it can also have detrimental affects on a pet’s heart, liver and kidneys.

This is why it is imperative to take proper care of your pet’s teeth to ensure they are as are clean and healthy as possible. To help, we have outlined some key ways that you can look after your pet’s teeth.

Top tips for maintaining pet dental health:

  • Regular dental checks at the vet
  • Scale and polish treatments
  • Brushing
  • Diet
  • Chews
  • Regular Dental Checks
  • Regular dental checks help to ensure that oral health issues are identified at the early stages, in order to limit the progression of dental disease, and potential of costly dental surgery.

Animals age much faster than humans do, which means dental disease can develop at a quicker rate. Regular dental checks are therefore very important. We recommend that pets have a dental check with one of our friendly and professional nurses every 6 months. They will be able to inform you of the current status of your pet’s oral health, as well as teach you some ways that you can look after your pet’s teeth at home.

We offer free dental checks, so it is easy for you to stay on top of your pet’s dental health.

Scale and Polish

Tartar on the teeth will require a scale a polish procedure as a normal pet toothbrush is unable to remove this build up on it’s own. This treatment is often significant to bring the standard of oral health up to a level where it can be maintained with at home care.

We offer payment plans through Openpay, which can help if your pet is in need of a scale and polish treatment.


To maintain a healthy mouth after dental treatments, brushing your pet’s teeth on a daily basis should become apart of your pet care routine. There are a variety of different dog toothbrushes on the market, so we can help advise which will best suit the needs of you and your furry friend. Introducing brushing may seem like a challenge at first, however we are here to help make it as easy as possible.

Pets require specifically formulated toothpaste as part of their dental care routine, so it’s important to keep human toothpaste away from them.


Dental specific diets are another way you can effectively manage your pet’s dental health at home. Dry dental food, such as the Royal Canin range, is specifically formulated so the texture and shape has a “brushing” effect on the teeth.


Dental chews, including Greenies Dental Treats or Oravet, are treats that assist in improving pet dental health. Ask our team about our specific recommendations for your pet.