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As of October 1, 2017 we will no longer be providing payment agreements directly through the clinic, instead we will be utilising the services of a company called VetPay.

We know that accidents happen and bills can accumulate quickly, and we want to ensure that the cost of treatment does not add to an already distressing situation.

VetPay is a simple and hassle-free option allowing pet owners to pay off bills in small monthly instalments.

We believe that offering payment support through a third party, VetPay, is in the best interest of clients and clinic.


A bit of information about VetPay

The minimum amount VetPay cover is $300 and it is paid off over 24 months.

It is taken directly from your bank account so you don’t need to worry about making payments on time. There are set up fees and interest charged, the same with any loan, but they are reasonable for the service they provide. Clients need to have a pre-approval done before any treatment and this can be done in the vet clinic or you can apply online at

Generally a 10-20% deposit is required. Clients can also add further treatment to their VetPay account once the account has been approved.

Ask our friendly staff for more information!


Please note

If you currently have a payment agreement in place with Ovens and Kiewa Veterinary Hospital, this change will not impact your current plan.

Thank you for your understanding!


Please contact us at Ovens & Kiewa Veterinary Hospital if you'd like any more information.

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