FREE Senior Health Checks PLUS 50% Off Mobility and Senior Consult Food | Alpine Shire Vet

Is your pet a senior citizen?

Throughout June we are focussing on the importance that regular check-ups have in maintaining good health for senior pets. As our canine and feline friends age their health needs change, and regular check-ups allow us to identify and treat age related illness.

This June we are offering:

FREE health checks for senior pets + 50% Off Royal Canin mobility (canine) and senior consult (feline) food.

A free health check for your senior pet may include:

  • A physical examination
  • Weight check
  • Arthritis grading
  • Dental assessment
  • Cardiac monitoring
  • Eye examination
  • A tailored nutrition plan
  • $99 Blood tests
  • Free urine test (client must supply pet urine)

See here for more information about senior pet health.

Call us for more information about senior appointments. Alternatively, submit a form here and our friendly staff will be in contact.

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