Stray Animal Policy

We want to be your partner in petcare, and to always provide the best advice and information possible.

That's why we want to share openly the Stray Animal Policy. It is best practice for us to follow policies like this one, as we always want to act in the best interest of pets, owners and the clinic- as well as taking direction from our local Rangers.

*Please note if your animal is registered, and not a repeat offender for escaping and potentially causing injury to itself and others, then the Ranger will do what they can to drop the animal off- rather than take him or her straight to the pound.


Stray Animal Policy OKVH:

Section 84 of the Domestic Animal Act 1994 states that stray companion animals must be surrendered to an authorised officer. This means that if you are not an authorised person, you must as soon as possible deliver the stray animal to an authorised officer of the council of the municipal district in which it was seized. There are penalties for failing to follow this law.  Unfortunately, veterinarians are not authorised officers.

Hence, if an uninjured dog or cat is handed into a veterinary clinic, by law the clinic must arrange for a ranger to collect the animal as soon as possible. If you find a stray animal, your local council is the first place you must call.

The number for the Alpine Shire Ranger during office hours is (03) 5755 0555. You can also contact the ranger after hours if a dog has been found on (03) 5755 0568.