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March Pet Dental Month at Ovens & Kiewa Vet – $50 off Pet Dentals

March Dental Promotion At Ovens & Kiewa Vet Clinic, we’re dedicated to enhancing pet dental [...]

Simplifying Pet Insurance: We Offer GapOnly® at The Ovens & Kiewa Vet

When your beloved pet falls ill or faces an injury, the last thing on your [...]

Special Offer: $30 Off Dog Vaccines during November & December at The Ovens & Kiewa Vet

Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy! The Ovens & Kiewa Vet is offering a special [...]

Wellness Program At The Ovens & Kiewa Vet Hospital

Our Wellness Program Your pet’s well-being is our top priority, and we are committed to [...]

Snake Bite Symptoms & Treatment For Pets – The Ovens & Kiewa Vet

Summer is Snake Bite Season Snake bites are can be very dangerous for our four [...]

Vaccination4Life at The Ovens & Kiewa Vet Hospital

Affordable Lifetime Vaccination Plan for Your Beloved Pet At The Ovens & Kiewa Vet Hospital, [...]

Flexible Afterpay Payment Plans Now Available at the Ovens & Kiewa Vet Hospital

Discover Convenient Payment Options for Your Pet’s Care! At the Ovens & Kiewa Vet Hospital, [...]

August Pet Dental Discount – $50 Off At Oven Kiewa Vet

August Dental Promotion The Ovens & Kiewa Vet is promoting pet dental health in August [...]

Discount Pet Desexing In July – Ovens & Kiewa Vet

$100 off the first 25 cat & dog desexing procedures In July in partnership with [...]

May Seniors Month at The Ovens & Kiewa Vet Hospital

Just like us, as animals’ age their body changes- and so do their pet care [...]