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Happy Harvey! 🌟


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Have you organised your pets requirements before you go travelling, tripping or holidaying? ...☀️

Medications can be made ready for your pet with 24hours notice. (Keep in mind some medication may need to compounded and ordered- please allow 5-7 days for this) 💊

Prescription foods; some food can be found in clinic. But, call ahead to see if we have some in stock. Otherwise please allow 2-3 days for us to order in your preferred food 🍗

Vaccinations, for pets going into kennels or catteries, have your vaccination certificates ready or call us and we can email, post or print your pets certificates for you 💉

Is your pet due for vaccination? Call and make an appointment for your pet to have their important vaccinations done.
For Kennels and Catteries:
Dogs need a C5 🐶
Cats need a F3 😺

For those going away, travelling and holidaying, ENJOY! 🧳☀️

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Holiday Season Ahead 🎁

Avoid sharing our sweet treats with our pets. It can make them ...very ill. If we catch our pets in action (eating chocolate), and brought into the clinic within a certain time frame we can induce vomiting to bring up any chocolate your pet may have ingested. 🍫

Most of our pets have very good noses, therefore they can sniff out chocolate very easily. Keep your sweets up high, in cupboards or fridges. 🍩

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Judah was so well behaved for his vaccination! 💉
He was watching the world go by out the ...window when Nurse Ellie called him over for treats and snuggles! Such a good boy! 🐶

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