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We are excited to announce that we have a new and improved website! 🐾🐾 Our new website makes easy for you to learn about our services, access pet healthcare information, book your pets appointment online and more! Head over to our new website here:

This is Zac,
Zac likes to ride in style 😎🏍
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October is Dermatology Month
🐾Does your pet suffer from any skin conditions such as itchy, ...flaky skin or red irritations?
🐾Did you know that what your animal eats plays a huge role in skin care?
📞 the clinic to discuss our consultations we have specifically for skin conditions for the month of October. 🐈 🐕

For our Dog Owners:
🐶 50% YES HALF PRICE Dog specific food for skin conditions


This little guy only had Grade 1 dental ...disease, but with a maintenance scale and polish we are reducing the progression of dental disease, and possible future extractions. 🐕

Leaving this guy happy and healthy, to enjoy all his favourite foods without discomfort! 🐾🩺

Don’t forget on Thursday’s we have a $50 off Dental procedures! 💰

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AUGUST is our dental month and boy do we have some great deals for you 🦷
⬇️⬇️Read... below for our offers ⬇️⬇️

* FREE nurse dental checks!
* $75 OFF dental procedures.
* 50% OFF Royal Canin Dental Food Range

Why do we encourage regular Dental hygiene:
* Dental disease can be very painful and lead to other harmful issues.
* This lessens the dental plaque and tarter build up on the teeth, and makes sure their teeth stay functional and healthy.
* No more bad smelling breath.
* Who is eligible- all cats and dogs.

Please get in contact with us on 5752 1235 to make an appointment today! 🐶🐱