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We are very sorry but our phone lines are down at the moment and... calls are not coming through to us.
We are closed today from 12pm but do offer an after hours service for EMERGENCIES ONLY.
The after hours number is 0417 386 763.

Fingers crossed that our phones will be back up and running soon 🤞

Did you know that you can book online? 💻🐶🐾 Our online booking portal is easy to use and ...allows you to save time when booking your pet's next appointment. Click here to book:

📣 GUESS WHATS BACK IN STOCK 🐰💉 We received a surprise parcel today and it was our long ...awaited rabbit vaccine that has been out of stock in Australia! Call to book your rabbit in for their vaccinations 😁

🌾 Grass Seed Season is Here! 🌾
Many pets come in to us with issues regarding grass seeds ...that are lodged in places they shouldn’t be. 🌱Grass Seeds can hide in many different areas of your pets body.
👣In Between Toes
👀 Eyes
These areas are the most common hiding spots for Grass Seeds 🐾
Early detection can prevent unneeded surgery! 🩺
To prevent Grass Seeds from migrating further please check your pets paws and ears after your walks 🐕‍🦺
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Is your pet due for their annual vaccination? 💉🐾 We are offering $20 off cat and dog ...vaccinations during December! Book in now to keep your furry friend healthy and protected from disease. Head to our website to learn more:

🐶🐾Have you met our Puppy School instructor yet?! 🐾🐶

Meet Corina!
Corina ...moved from Germany 5 years ago to live in our beautiful town we call Myrtleford! 🍁
She is qualified in animal training and behaviour and has a great passion for dog sports like agility and tracking. 🏆🎖
Ask about dogs.. she talk to you for hours! ⭐️ If Corina isn’t working at her full time job as HR manager, taking puppy classes or hand making and selling natural dog treats at the local markets you will most likely find her outdoors 🏞enjoying the mountains and sunshine ☀️with her two Dalmatians! 🤍⚫️
Corinas experience and knowledge is key to our successful classes at the clinic. Her classes are based off 3 main pillars:
🐾 Mental Simulation
🐾 Socialisation to other animals and the worlds crazy noises
🐾 Basic obedience
It’s important for our puppies to overcome small challenges and control their impulses in order to mould into confident doggos! 🐶
Call the clinic and ask about our puppy classes! 💕⭐️
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