July Desexing Discount Offer

We have partnered with the Alpine Shire Council to offer $100 off the first 25 pet desexing procedures done in July.

After this, all following desexing procedures will receive a $50 discount, so get in quick to make the most of the $100 discount!

Terms and conditions

In order to receive the $100 there are the below terms:

  • Your pet must me microchipped and registered with the Alpine Shire Council.
  • You must be happy for us to provide your name, address and pet microchip number to the council at the end of the promotion.

We strongly recommend desexing your pet due to the positive behavioural and health benefits of the procedure. Here are some key benefits:

Benefits for Female Pets

  • Prevention of Unwanted Pregnancy: Eliminates the possibility of unexpected litters.
  • Stops Heat Cycles: Avoids the inconvenience and mess associated with heat cycles.
  • Reduces Mammary Cancer Risk: Significantly lowers the chances of developing mammary cancer.

Benefits for Male Pets

  • Reduces Roaming and Fighting: Desexed males are less likely to roam, fight, or spray territorially.
  • Eliminates Testicular Cancer Risk: Completely removes the risk of testicular cancer.

Take advantage of this offer to ensure your pet’s health and well-being!

How to Book

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